Sunday 14 October 2007

Daddy's Girl

[Watching TV]

Dad: Alice, can I sit on the couch next to you?

Alice: No.

[Playing games in Dad’s office]


Dad: What?

Alice: This doesn’t work! I can’t hear anything.

Dad: It’s just the end of the game.

Alice: Its BROKEN!

Dad: Here, just start the game again. [blaring game sound]

Alice: Oh.

Dad: It’s working fine.

Alice: [low voiced] I told you that!

[Time for bed. Alice is laying on the floor in tears and misery]

Mom: Alice, you need to go upstairs and go potty.

Alice: My leg hurts!

Dad: Should I carry you upstairs?

Alice: I want gasp I want choked sob Mommy to carry me.

Mom: No. I am carrying milk and water and can’t carry you too.

Alice: I want somebody to carry me upstairs!

Mom: Is Daddy somebody?

Alice: My leg doesn’t hurt so much anymore! [hops up and follows Mom]

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