Saturday 06 October 2007

Corwin's big day

Corwin breaks a double team

Today was a big if somewhat disappointing day for Corwin.

In the morning was a soccer game against the team they tied 1-1 last time. It was a very hard fought game but Corwin’s team failed to achieve victory, losing 1-2. The team struggled quite a bit in the first half, relying on their goalie for a lot of saves, which is not a good sign. I was quite worried because the other teams goalie was making very few kicks while ours was kicking frequently. Then, during this time, Colin had a great save during an attack on the goal. Unfortunately, every one was so relieved at the save that they stopped paying attention and an opponent popped the ball right in past them.

That was all the scoring in the first half. In the second half the team did much better about keeping the pressure on the opponent’s goal, eventually scoring. However, during one of the opponents few attacks they kicked it past the defenders and Corwin all the way to the other side of the goal then the ball bounced off the goal post in to the goal. Corwin was quite distraught about it, but that’s the way luck goes sometimes. He did have a number of other good saves and that was the only score on him.

Overall, though, it was a good game. I took a personal record number of pictures (1143) because the game was full of action. The team didn’t seem as on this game. Corwin was lacking in hustle, which may have been from his late night partying on Thursday at Colin’s house (there wasn’t school on Friday). Josh was also one of the party animals and he seemed a bit slow on the field as well. He did, however, execute some amazing ball handling to get past the opposing players. At least once he blew by two opponents trying to stop him without even slowing down.

The opponents had a three girl defense which was very effective. It was anchored by a goalie who could kick the ball, even on the big field, almost to the mid line on most of her kicks. She was also good at catching the ball, so any shot that didn’t score generally resulted in having it immediately returned to the other side of the field. The other two girls were defenders. One did a great job of getting in the face of attackers, slowing them up, and the other was another good kicker who did well at booting the ball at (for Corwin’s team) inopportune moments (like Corwin does on a good day).

To compensate for that, the coach brought in a ringer, Jake. Even that wasn’t enough, in the end. It might have been just too big of a challenge for him —

As soon as the soccer game was over, Corwin and I took off for a camping outing with the Boy Scouts. Corwin was supposed to have packed everything so we could leave right from the soccer field, but of course he left his normal shoes back at the house. Corwin was originally scheduled to leave Friday evening, but Mom had hinted in her oh so subtle way that she wanted Corwin at the game. Corwin missed some of the good stuff, but he’s still got tonight to camp and most of the activites to enjoy.

I stayed around for a bit after dropping him off because the scouts had recruited my rocket club to do a demonstration launch. The field was very small with tall trees on all sides, which is not the best place to launch. Despite launching small rockets and using as small of motors as we could, we ended up losing three rockets in the trees, two of them we never saw again. The other was Corwin’s on its second flight. Corwin took it well, which is good, because if you can’t stand losing rockets you shouldn’t fly them at all. On the other hand, Corwin got to stand up in front of the assembled scouts to prep and launch his rocket all by himself, which I think was good for some status points.

The treed rocket

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