Thursday 04 October 2007

Big enough to swing

Today’s first is Alice swinging on the disk swing in the front yard. She’s been too small until now but to distract her from climbing too high in the tree I had her try it out. She tilts quite a bit but can hang on even while in motion.

Of course, no event would be complete without a trip to Wonderland

Alice: I’m done!

Dad: OK

[Dad tries to run over and stop the swing. Alice doesn’t wait but tumbles off instead]

Dad: You should wait for me to stop it so you don’t hurt yourself.

Alice: But I didn’t hurt myself!

Dad: OK.

Alice: I want to swing again.

Dad: You said you were done.

Alice: In Spanish, “done” means “I want to get off but then go again”.

Dad: Oh.

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Oh, Alice, thank you for starting my day out with some laughter. She really is in Wonderland!

Posted by: Aunt Debbie on 05 October 2007 at 09:35
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