Monday 03 September 2007

Wood treatment

Poor Alice. She got another nasty pair of splinters in her foot, this time on the bottom of her big toe right below the joint. I found out while trying to extract the splinters that Alice has very strong legs. Even her toes are strong — my hand started cramping from trying to hold her big toe in the none clenched position. At least I didn’t have to feel guilty about hurting her, as she would start screaming and crying as soon as I touched her foot with my hand without regard to the tweezers were touching or even any near her foot. I eventually finished extracting this evening, after she fell asleep on Mom. It would seem to indicate that it didn’t hurt that much if Alice didn’t even wake up during the effort. On the other hand, it went much faster because I could actually look at the target and then grab it at instead of jabbing at a moving target. I am thinking that we may need to require footwear while the kids are outside, as I am not sure what to do to the deck to keep the kids from mainlining wood.

P.S. On a semi-related topic, I have noticed that Alice’s neck veins really stick out when I bug her too much. I could see them just bulge as she hissed at me “Daddy, I do NOT have grapey toes!”. Oooh, she’s going to be high maintenance some day.

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What do you mean.…someday?

Posted by: Deborah on 04 September 2007 at 17:17
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