Saturday 29 September 2007

Weekly Soccer Report

Corwin’s stomach stops the play

Corwin and Charles had games as separate locations today, so I could only attend one. Corwin’s game was much further away and much earlier in the morning so Mom sent me to that one while she watched the closer, later, and shorter game (she actually made it back home before I did, to report that Charles’ team won 4-2) even though I was worn out from exposing Corwin to high culture.

I think the team was playing better today. The midfield did a better job of feeding the ball to the other side of the field and the offense, for once, was spreading out around the goal instead of clustering on one side. As a result, Corwin’s team won 5-2, although the game was much more contested than that because it was tied 0-0 at the half. Levi lead the break through in the second half as the first person to score in the game (although the other team had put one in the goal but it was called back due to an offside pass). After that, the other team seemed to break down a bit and Corwin’s teams scored 3 more goals shortly there after. The opponents did manage a rally late in the game, scoring a couple of goals but were unable to overcome the lead.

Corwin did better, getting more loft on his kicks. That’s needed now because the kids are good enough to stop kicks near the ground. You have to either pass or kick over the other team to get the ball downfield for more than momentarily. Corwin had several good saves, my favorite being the one where first stopped the incoming ball with his stomach and then kicked it back.

Corwin’s team did get lucky a couple of times when the opponents broke through their forward defense and took unopposed runs at the goal. These were prevented only by desperate goalie action or the kicker muffing the shot. One was blocked by the goalie (Nick) on one side and then rolled all the way across the front of the goal to other side. If an opponent had been in position it would have been a simple chip shot for a score.

Scoring were Brian (twice), Josh, Levi, and Andrew.

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