Wednesday 26 September 2007

Volume Disorder

I thought girls were supposed nicer and cleaner than boys, but I can’t tell that from Alice. She has the most remarkable ability to make any mess worse. If she spills something, or some sort of biological waste product is left on the floor, Alice will walk through it unless forcibly prevented from doing so. Telling her not to step in it just means you get an “ooopsie!” after she tracks it elsewhere.

Her dining style is atrocious, although I blame her brothers for most of that, being the overly sensitive types that they are. We can spend entire dinners listening to Corwin say “Alice, chew with your mouth closed” every 10 seconds. Corwin has yet to notice that Alice’s dining becomes more unwatchable, not less, every time he says something.

Alice doesn’t like me making up nicknames for her, like calling her “white shoed girl” when she’s wearing white shoes, or Mom referring to her as a debil child. But two appellations she actively likes are “loud” and “messy”. I sung bits of the “I’m a mess” song by Laurie Berkner and Alice liked it, loudly agreeing that she’s a mess and loud and proud of both.

I used to despair, but lately I have begun to think that this is a better solution to future dating issues than a convent.

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