Friday 07 September 2007

Punished for success

This evening was Corwin’s first solo violin recital. He has finished “Book Two” and as a result has to perform selections from the books in public. Mom went all out — Corwin had a rough week, with his first full week of school, soccer practice, Webelos, and lots and lots of practice.

The recital went well, with Corwin making only few mistakes. Mom was able to listen for once because she hired an accompanist instead of playing herself. Grandma came down for it and several of Corwin’s fellow students showed up to listen. Alice and Charles were there as well, but they spent most of the time asking “is Corwin done yet?” because Mom said “no cookies until Corwin is done”. In the end, though Corwin was the cookie monster. I had to chastise him for eating too many of Mom’s chocolate chip cookies. So he stopped eating those and starting chowing down on the thin mints. Oddly, afterwards when Mom got pizza the way Corwin likes it, he didn’t eat very much of it.

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