Sunday 09 September 2007

Lazy Sunday

Corwin went off to a birthday party for one of his friends, so Mom made the rest of us go to the pond. It was worth it, though, because she went out on an inner tube which resulted in Charles calling her a boat. I gave him a sand shovel, told him it was a paddle, and that he should get on the boat and paddle it around. Charles immediately put this plan in to action. Boo-yah!

Later, as punishment, Mom told me to unload the dishwasher which had just run.

Mom: These should all be dry.

Dad: Ouch! They’re still hot. But not as hot as you

Mom: [The Look™]

Alice: Daaaaaddy! Mom is not hot!

Dad: Boo-yah!

Then it was time for a treat. Alice decided on a cookie instead of a treat from her pumpkin. She explains her choice:

Alice: I don’t have room for candy. All the candy is in my tummy. Later, it will go down in to my feet. Then I will be able to eat more candy.

Dad: What about the other candy that’s already gone down there?

Alice: I have eaten a lot of candy.

Dad: Yes. Aren’t your feet full?

Alice: No, I getting bigger. Then there is more room in my feet. I just eat, and drink, think about it and then sleep and that’s why I get bigger.

I believe her. I can get bigger just by thinking about donuts.

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