Friday 21 September 2007

Language traps

[Driving around without Mom]

Corwin: Let’s get some bagels for dinner.

Charles: I want a raisin bagel!

Alice: I want a plain bagel!

Dad: If Alice gets a plane bagel, I want a train bagel. Or maybe a car bagel.

Charles: There’s no such thing as a train bagel.

Alice: I have some in my pocket, but I can’t get them out right now.

I think I have no choice but to start referring to the place Alice lives as “Wonderland”. Tonight we had this conversation —

Dad: Can I call you “Alice Super Silly Pop”?

Alice: No.

Dad: Can I call Charles “Alice Super Silly Pop”?

Alice: Yes. You can call him Daddy Corwin Super Silly Pop! [pause] That’s a nice word for Africans.

Then she wanted to know what “AOMKQB” spelled. She wouldn’t believe I didn’t know the word. Finally we argued about a Dora episode which she said had a king. I said it was a prince, and when Dora said “we have to save the prince!” I nudged Alice and said “haha! see!”. Alice simply stated “The TV said the wrong word. It’s a king”.

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