Saturday 01 September 2007

First time as practice

Today’s excitement was going to the wedding of Erica’s brother Adam. I think the kids cleaned up nice, although it took a lot of yelling and threats to get them in to nice clothes. Charles was particularly Charles. He complained that all of his nice clothes were so uncomfortable they were actively painful. We made him suffer anyway. At least he didn’t strip off his tie and shirt on the way back like a certain brother did.

Overall, though, the kids endured reasonably well. Alice partied down like there was no tomorrow, hitting the dance floor once the music started.

We also sent Corwin up with the single guys for the throwing of the garter. Of course, we didn’t tell him that if he caught it he was the next to get married. He was so much shorter that there wasn’t much chance of it. He was deeply shocked when I told him afterwards, as if he had dodged a bullet unknowing.

We get to do it again in October when Erica herself gets sold off married.

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