Tuesday 25 September 2007


Corwin had a hard time yesterday after school. Jack was over because it was Monday, but the power to the house was out. That meant no computers. The kids were deeply shocked at this, and especially when they realized it meant no TV either. Much joy was created when the power came back about 20 minutes later. Things went well for a while until Corwin called me down to get him through a section of a game that was too “scary” or “freaky” or something — Corwin was not very coherent about it. It had been a long time since I had played that one, so after a bit of stumbling around I decided that if Corwin couldn’t handle one of the missions, he was better off not playing at all. I am not sure why that mission was so mentally searing. It of course features lots of deadly creatures chasing you, but that describes 80% of the game. Luckily, shortly after that the power went out again, so everyone headed outside to play. Problem solved!

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