Sunday 23 September 2007

Dinner theatre

Dad: OK, Charles, Daddy is eating so you can’t touch him.

Charles: You are not eating. There is no food in your mouth.

Dad: I have food on my plate and I am at dinner. That counts.

Charles: No it doesn’t.

Dad: OK, then, I will sing.

Charles: Nooooo!

Dad: Yes, I will sing the Charles Song1.

Alice: Not while I’m eating!

[Later, while Charles is drawing]

Alice: If any one tries to stop Charles from drawing, I will kick them in the butt!

[Dad grabs Charles and puts him over his knee so Alice can practice]

Dad: Alice, here you go!

Alice: I don’t have time for that.

1 To the tune of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

If you want to eat but you got no feet
If you want to dance but you got no pants
You can call and get some ants ‘cause that’s what Charles are for!
That’s what Charles are for, that’s what Charles are for.
When you really need ‘em to whine and cry, that’s what Charles are for!

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