Saturday 22 September 2007

Brother Games

Corwin does sometimes move during a game

It was a bad day for the boyen. Corwin’s team lost 0-3 and Charles’ team went down 2-3.

Corwin’s team did seem to be playing reasonably well, except they were consistent out hustled by their opponents. I knew they were in trouble early on because it was clear the ball was spending much more time on Corwin’s side than the opponents side. Their midfield in particular did a good job of repulsing returns. It did mean that Corwin got a lot of game action, trying to clear the ball and had a number of good saves. One of our goalies had an amazing save, blocking a shot twice then running in to the goal to grab the ball just before it crossed the goal line.

The offense wasn’t as strong. I don’t know how the other teams do it, but we seem to do a lot more lone charges at the goal while the other team gets a crowd there to make the score on the rebound.

It does seem a big change from previous seasons, where there would be effectively one other strong team and all the rest weak or hopeless. For whatever reason, at this level all the teams are strong. The previous win and tie were both hard fought games, as was this one. It definitely seems to be a much higher level of competition.

Charles takes action

Charles was noticeably more aggressive the half of the game I saw. Corwin and I had to leave early to make it to Corwin’s game across town. Charles had some good kicks and ran more than usual, although he still flaps his arms like a headless chicken as he goes. There was no scoring in the first half, but the teams seemed roughly even in terms of keeping the ball on the other side and taking shots at the goal.

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