Saturday 08 September 2007

Big League Soccer

Today was Corwin’s first soccer game of the season. The kids did well, but I don’t think they were playing at their full ability. It was a good game, although clearly favoring Corwin’s team which won 2-0. They pressured the other team’s goal from the start, although the other team did have a few spans where they put some good pressure on Corwin’s goal and made the goalie earn his keep.

Corwin play central defense, which I think is his favorite position. I do think he needs to do a bit better in the hustle department, as he’s not the fastest runner and therefore needs to make his move before the attackers get to him, since he generally can’t catch them if they get past him. Corwin did make some excellent saves and tackles, he could just make more if he’d move a bit earlier and more often.

The bigger field took its toll — even with multiple substitutes I could see the kids dragging by the end. It was a bit worse because we ended up loaning the other team a couple of players for most of the game.

The worst part, though, was that it was a cloudy day that got cloudier as the match wore on which had a bad effect on the pictures. The bigger field made it harder to zoom in on the action. The kids were also moving the ball much farther and faster than they have in the past. I used to be able to mostly just track along but both sides were making a good number of big plays. The solution, I think, is to switch over to taking pictures of Charles.

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