Thursday 20 September 2007

Alice is not paper

We are still struggling with Alice and her self decorating.

I have tried to promote the rule “only draw on paper” so I frequently ask her “Alice, are you made of paper?” — “No” — “Then should you be drawing on yourself?”. However, this seems to have had only a ritualizing and not a deterrent effect. Alice came to me the other evening with her little ink stained hands. I didn’t notice them immediately so Alice thrust them in to my face saying “I drawed on myself!” until I scolded her for it and she said “Ooops! I sorry!”. The next evening she colored her foot blue.

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We went through that with Alison. She liked coloring her tongue as well as her extremities. We got rid of all magic markers and replaced them with crayons until the phase passed.

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