Thursday 06 September 2007

A study in contrasts, 2

POset yarfed all over the bed covers this morning, and on the floor as well. Naturally, when Alice woke up she stepped in it, even though it was on the other side of the bed and out of the way of leaving the from. Alice, much more than the boys, has a natural instinct for being attracted to mess. Any time she has a containment failure, she will walk through the results unless physically restrained. Sometimes telling her will work, but frequently not, even if she agrees to not do it. She just can’t help herself, apparently.

On the other hand, Charles was reading a book this morning and it had a section on bugs that live the in carpet. Charles became immediately terrified of stepping on the carpet and broke down in tears when Mom told him to go upstairs and pick up his dirty clothes. He was browbeaten in to going up anyway and when I checked on him, he had carefully built a trail of books that he could step on, like rocks in a stream. Naturally I plucked him off, called out to the swarming carpet bugs in their untold billions “Hey, tasty Charles treat incoming!”, and fed Charles to them. At least we won’t have to hear Charles whining about touching the carpet any more.

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