Sunday 16 September 2007

A matter of timing

[Charles and Alice are running around outside]

Alice: Charles, what are you playing?

Dad: Super Flying Ultra Monkey Charles!

Alice: I not talking to you! I talking to Charles. Charles, are you playing Star Wars?

Dad: I want to play “Poke Alice in the Tummy”.

Alice: No! You can’t play that until the snow falls! You have to wait until there is snow on the ground.

Dad: I can play it once there’s snow?

Alice: Yes.

[Turns out Charles was playing Halo, not Star Wars]

Alice: Can there be horses?

Charles: No. No living things except people.

Dad: What about robot horses?

Charles: No. Only people.

Alice: And aliens! Lots of aliens, and alien babies little aliens and alien Daddies and alien Mommies!

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