Sunday 19 August 2007

Notty child

Alice has become quite a contrary little girl. She now denies most everything I say, generally adding that “no one in the whole world has that!”. She will quickly become very upset if I persist on making my claim, which is amusing to me but Mom doesn’t appreciate it.

For instance, I used to tease Alice about having “grapey toes” which amused her. Now “no one in the whole world has grapey toes!”. I tried other things, like

  • Raisin belly-button
  • Soba noodle hair
  • Donut ears
  • Chocolate eyes
  • Mint teeth
  • Slim-Jim fingers
  • Walnut knees

but Alice denied having any and all of them. I can’t even sing any of my Alice songs anymore, because Alice claims the songs don’t exist, not in the whole world.

The best one, though, was when Mom brought her back from Grandma’s, which went something like this:

Mom: Alice was a perfect little angel for Grandma, except for some containment failures, but when I picked her up she turned in to devil child.


Well. Who could argue with that?

Not a debil child

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I told Alice she was a “loud girl” last night, and instead of denying it as has been her wont, she embraced that designation, shouting it at the top of her lungs — “I LOUD GIRL!”.

Posted by: Dad on 20 August 2007 at 21:09
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