Monday 06 August 2007

It's good to have a goal

You would think that my eldest son would be one of the most cynical, suspicious, and untrusting boys to ever walk the planet. And you would be completely wrong. Let me give you a tale of my little boy, Mr. Oblivious.

During the weekend cleaning frenzy, I noticed that Corwin’s upper body strength seemed a bit lacking. I mentioned this to Mom at dinner this evening. We quickly arranged to have a competition between Corwin and me, to see who could do the most lateral flies. I would use a pair of 20 pound dumbells while Corwin used 5 pounders, to make it more even. I wanted to do something that used the biceps and chest more, but Mom, who lives for the moments when she can call my masculinity in to question1, insisted we do something that depended on different muscles.

Corwin finished dinner first, so I suggested that he go on down to the basement and practice until Mom and I were done. Mom gave me a dirty look, so I explained “I just wanted to see if he’d fall for it”. Corwin, just about to go down the basement stairs to practice, calls back “fall for what?”. “Nothing!” I replied brightly. Corwin must have learned something from all these years, because this immediately caused him to be concerned that some what was, in fact, falling. Once put on the trail, he rapidly worked out the scam, while I desperately tried to not choke on my food from laughing.

Sadly, Mom’s plan came to fruition and Corwin was the victor, although not by much. A bit of work and my come back victory will be sure and sweet.

1 I don’t begrudge her that — after all such opportunities are obviously extremely rare.

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