Friday 03 August 2007

As one door closes, another opens

Today was Erica’s last day with us. She didn’t categorically rule out another summer, but I can’t imagine her husband to be would much appreciate her moving back here for the summer.

I thought the kids were be a bit more broken up about it, but Alice wasn’t even sure about giving Erica a hug before she left. Charles was too involved in Lego construction / repair to notice. Corwin, however, got a bunch of good bye sword whacks from Erica, which should help him remember.

Perhaps the problem was that Erica’s replacement, our new TV, arrived today. Naturally, the first thing we watched on it was Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. I turned it off after that so there would be a small change the kids would interact with Erica before the end. It was partially successful, which is all I could hope for I suppose.

Mom, Alice, and Corwin are all very excited by the TV, especially after over a week without a TV. Even Mom was reduced at one point to watching the old TV with its 3 inch high display. But now we have it all in glorious high definition. Let me tell you, Dora just leaps out of the screen in HD. That makes it all worth while.

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