Saturday 18 August 2007

Art day

Our family activity today was going out to a local arts festival. There was a kids area, where Corwin got to grind chick peas in to hummus, watch a local disabled group put on a magic show, and have his caricature drawn after waiting a long time. The artist was drawing three young very attractive girls and oddly he didn’t seem in any hurry to finish.

Alice’s primary concern was getting a balloon. We arrived too late for them, although Mom somehow scrounged one up/ Alice carried the balloon with her as a dear companion until she popped it walking back to the car while being a bit too vigorously friendly.

Alice did spend quite a bit of time dancing in the street while we waited for Corwin’s sketching to start. She found a blue feather somewhere and decided it was an air brush, meaning it could paint on air. Alice then engaged in a combined art assault, dance, painting, and singing. A bit exuberant, but what could they say at an art festival?

In the evening, while I worked, everyone else watched the Naruto marathon on Cartoon Network. I think Mom’s become a bit too caught up in it. At least Corwin’s psychic distance is maintained because it occasionally has emotional content, which forces him to cover his ears and pace in agony about the room. Not that he’d stop watching, you understand. It’s painful, but not as painful as being un-electronically stimulated.

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