Saturday 11 August 2007

Air showing

A pilot cuts a ribbon with his plane

After some morning cleaning, we all went out to a local air show. Corwin was given the choice of this or swimming at a pool and decided on the air show. Alice and Charles were dragged along because it was good for them.

We had an OK time. I think Corwin liked it, but Charles and Alice were whining shortly after we got there. Charles had no interest in the planes actually flying out over the runway a couple of hundred feet away. He only wanted to look at the static models in the attached air plane museum. Alice just wanted lemonade, treats, and to go home. Mom seemed very in to the whole experience, so we persevered.

After a few pilots did their thing, Mom gave in and let me take Charles and Alice off to the bouncy houses for kids, and then to the air plane museum. Charles refused to go on any of the bouncy stuff because it would delay his arrival at the museum. Once we got there, the first thing Charles wanted to do was tour the big EC-121 radar plane. Naturally, Alice was deathly frightened of it and going inside. I finally managed to persuade here and she was mostly OK, but our tour was a bit rushed. We wandered around the other planes for a while until Mom and Corwin returned.

They had been off getting a helicopter ride, Corwin’s first1. It wasn’t a very long ride, but Corwin was very excited about it.

After that high point we watched the last airplane, an A-4 two seater jet do some stunts. Charles didn’t like the engine noise at all, I had to jog a bit to keep up with him as he scurried away, hands over his ears. Corwin and Alice seemed unfazed, Mom seemed enraptured (although she didn’t commit to buying one herself — yet). Corwin liked the fact that the jet went fast enough that the sound noticeably trailed it. Kind of like a dubbed movie, although I don’t think Corwin’s seen one of those.

We hit the museum a bit more, but this time Mom insisted on going to the air conditioned part of it. Still, even the kids got all melty and it was time to go home to let the kids get some time to absorb the crust of education slathered on them.

1 Perhaps Mom’s first as well. I don’t think I’ve been in a helicopter that left the ground either.

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Susan had a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon when she was a little girl!

Posted by: Karen on 12 August 2007 at 11:20
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