Saturday 07 July 2007

We're there!

After a couple of days on the road, we made it to our destination. While we have managed to cure our children from asking “are we there yet?” by intensive applications of sarcasm, now Corwin and Charles ask “how long till we get there?” and Alice asks “where are we?”.

My favorite bits are when Alice starts making some noise that bothers Charles (at one point, it was clapping). Charles breaks down in frustration, at which point I tell him to just ignore Alice, or accept that she won’t do what he wants. He looks at me with those big blue eyes, filled with abject misery, and says “I can’t! I can’t do that!”. Someday, perhaps.

The house is nice. There are separate rooms for all of the adult couples. The older kids are all staying in one big room with 4 beds and a couple of fold out couches. Liam and Alice are staying in a room with two twin beds attached via a bathroom to our room. I had originally thought to segregate our boys there from the girl swarm, but LeAnn and Scott decided it would work better to segregate by age.

We were the first family to arrive. About an hour after we got there, LeAnn and Scott’s family arrived. I helped unpack, which provided the information that Ashlyn and Gwyneth had some deviltry planned. I was clued in by their shouts at their dad “don’t let him see the special stuff!”. It turned out later that the “special stuff” was a set of small pump water guns, with which they ambushed me. However, being full of age and treachery I prevailed over their youth and skill. I think Ashlyn was a bit put out at that, especially after she escalated to using the hose directly, only to find that fixed weapons are no match for an agile trooper with a man-portable weapon.

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Glad you arrived safely. The ignoring thing.…Josh still can’t manage to do it. Maybe Charles will be more successful than Josh.

Posted by: Deborah on 07 July 2007 at 23:32
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