Sunday 01 July 2007

Rocket Boy

Corwin’s very first launch

From some where a few weeks ago, Corwin obtained a model rocket kit (for an Estes Astro). We had tried building rockets last year but fizzled out. With kit in hand, Corwin started bugging me again about it. Because the annual rocket club launch was fast approaching I decided to try and get one done in time for that.

I made Corwin work on both the old kit that had been moldering in my basement workshop room for most of a year and the new one. The old one turned out to be too complex to get ready in time, but the new one was prepped with a minimalist paint scheme in time for the big day.

I left early to get set up. The rest of the family showed up after lunch, when it was time for Corwin to get his first launch in. That went well with a lot of help from me, a very nice flight. Corwin was encourage by this, getting in two more launches with much less help from Dad. Charles stayed to watch this, while Mom and Alice headed out for some shopping.

Corwin was sufficiently excited his experience he wanted to know if we could go to the next club launch. I wonder if he’s enthused enough to work on the rockets between launches.

I had a good day, with 6 launches and no failures. There was a decent turn out of non-club people to watch and a very steady stream of launches. Charles and Alice liked the rockets, despite the noise.

My wooden rockets were popular, a number of people stopped by to ask about them. I managed to get one in the air for an excellent flight.

The only downside was that Corwin stepped on one of my rockets and snapped off a fin. This was particularly annoying since I had been asking Corwin to stop pacing continuously around inches from my rockets.

In honor of all this, here’s a flashback to 1999 and Corwin’s fondness for model rockets

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