Monday 16 July 2007

Mission Debriefing

We made it home today. We got on the road about 9 AM EDT and were home by 4 PM CDT. Mom wanted to pick up Polynomial before arriving home, but I was not enthused about having a very happy dog in a van crowded with kids and vacation debris. Instead, we went home first and dumped everything out in to the driveway for me to transfer in to the house while home retrieved the most important dog.

Alice, Liam, and Baby

I think the vacation was a success, although I am more tired now than when we left. I think Alice made a friend in Liam. The two of them were near inseperable most of the trip. At least once Alice snuck out of her bed after being put down and went over to Liam’s. Frequently, one of them would cry if separated so they always had to sit together on transportation or at meals. Alice had some trouble remembering Liam’s name and normally just referred to him as “my friend”. However, I am informed that Liam is rather generous with his affections and has numerous other girl friends back home. I just hope that when Alice is old enough to read this, she’s not still scarred from learning the truth.

Alice grew up a bit as well. On the way out, we took drove on the Bay Bridge and Alice declared that she was very scared because we were high above the water. On the way back Alice explicitly declared that she was no longer scared of the bridge, re-assured by our earlier success despite Mom’s crazy driving.

The most amazing part of the trip was that none of the kids became sunburned. They’re all a little browner, except for Alice, who is much more thoroughly caramelized.

Charles and Corwin played some Rise of Legends while there and tried to teach Ashlyn how to play. At one point Ashlyn bothered me to get the game fired up for her, and then said “what do I do?”. I was of the opinion that if she didn’t know, she would do better to play something else. I squirmed out of it by locating Charles to instruct her. At another time, Charles was humming some music and I noted to other adults that it was the theme to Rise of Nations. Charles corrected me in a huff that it was the theme to Rise of Legends. Clearly, I should keep better track of what my children are doing. Maybe I could set up something where I could write that down, to help me remember and serve as a reference. Definitely something to look in to.

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