Sunday 08 July 2007

Life's a Beach, Day Two

We’re taking it a bit easier this year. We woke up slowly this morning — Mom let me sleep in until 8:00! Even more amazingly, there was still coffee left when I came down.

Alice’s first ocean experience

After hanging out for a while we went off to the beach. That was a bit of a chore, because the house isn’t on the shore, so we have to take a shuttle1 van from here to the ocean. To do that, we needed to get guest passes. And to do that, we needed to visit the central office for the neighborhood. Scott and I had to walk down there three times. Once last night, to find out that they didn’t have any of the guest badges available, the second time to be told that we needed the rental agreement. But third time’s the charm!

We spent the time waiting for the van slathering sun screen on the children, so the wait didn’t seem bad. The trip was short but while walking down the boardwalk to the beach we found a store selling boogie boards. We stopped in to buy some for the kids, having made the decision to buy them on site rather than pack them in the car.

The kids all had fun. It was Alice’s very first time at an ocean beach. She was excited to go in until she got hit with her first wave and decided that maybe she wasn’t mistress of the waters. As parents, we thought that a healthy but not obsessive concern about waves was a good thing. Mom and I ended up spending a lot of time holding her hand in the surf, which Alice thought was a lot of fun.

Charles has been to an ocean before, but he was too young to remember, so in some sense this is his first time as well. He played in the water a bit, choosing to spend most of his time playing in the sand building stuff.

Corwin had a blast playing in the waves and with Ashlyn and Gwyneth. Corwin did a lot of wave riding on his boogie board. I was worried about him a bit, standing with Alice on the shore and watching Corwin with his near-drowning swim style struggling to get back up beach to avoid getting swept away from our base camp by the strong cross current from the waves.

We saw a pod of dolphins out a ways from shore, probably 100 meters or so, close enough that there was no doubt what they were. It was hard to tell precisely, but I think there were 5 or 6 at least. We found out later that dolphins aren’t uncommon in the area and sometimes come in the bay, although that’s rare as the bay is very shallow and larger swimming creatures don’t like the combination of that and tides.

After Alice and Liam started having some melt down problems we headed back for lunch, and then some pool time for the kids (because they weren’t sufficiently water logged yet).

It doesn’t look like picture taking will be as thorough this time out. The beach is a hostile place for a camera. I ended up using just the little camera today, because even though I had the big camera the situation didn’t work out for using it (primarily because I had interact with wet, sandy children). On the other hand, one good day of shooting should cover the vacation, so there’s still hope for a successful trip.

1 Of course, it was all worth it because Charles quite like taking the shuttle bus. Charles was able to sample a wide variety of transportation before the week was over.

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