Monday 09 July 2007

Life's a Beach, Day Three

Corwin, wave rider

The morning was slow again. Charles got up early so that he could play Rise of Nations before there we told him he had to interact with the other children. However, I let him play on after that because he was teaching Ashlyn how to play. It was so sweet.

After a long period of gradually emerging consciousness, we went back to the ocean and stayed until mid-afternoon. Alice and Charles had more fun with the actual water this time. Charles in particular had much fun jumping in and out of the surf. It was double fun day because Charles and I stopped on the way through the beach front shops and picked him up a big sand shovel. Much digging followed from that action. At the end of the day I had make Charles fill in a couple of holes that were deep enough to be navigation hazards.

Alice spent her time helping Charles, hanging out with Mom near surf line, and dancing in the sand.

Corwin had a big day. He started out depressed because he had some kind of rash on his stomach and arms. My theory is that it was a combination of abrasion from body surfing combined with swimming in a chlorinated pool without showering afterwards. After I told him that it wouldn’t get much worse if he went out, as long as he showered afterwards. He ended up wearing his shirt and spent most of the rest of the time out in the waves, until he was so tired that I had to wade out and haul him back in to keep him near to the shore and out of the forbidden zone. He would claim “I can go faster without help” but when I let go, he’d go under. After ten or so minutes of sitting out, he was back in action.

We left soon after that, without anyone getting serious sunburn. Mom was the worst, so naturally she blames me for not putting enough sunscreen on her back. However, I managed to get my sunscreen on without any help. So clearly, it’s not a problem with my quality of work. The only plausible explanation is some sort of sun screen repulsive field in her skin. Or sabotage by some dark force.

This evening was fun for me, at least. The gang was getting ready for bed, except for Alice who had passed out earlier while under the care of Gwyneth. I needed to burn up some of my glow stick stock, because I’m not allowed to buy more until the current supplies are consumed. So I seeded Liam with a glow stick and told him to go tell the rest of the kids “look what I have and you don’t!”. This set off a man hunt where a rabid pack of children were hunting me. I hid behind the door in the other parent’s bedroom upstairs because kids are generally very bad about thinking to look there. Ashlyn actually went in to the bathroom whose door faces the bedroom door and failed to find me, either via my reflection in the bathroom mirror or just turning her head a tiny bit more while leaving. The kids then checked the closet, one of the commenting “yeah, but wouldn’t it be freaky if he had been there and had jumped out at us yelling ‘boo!’?”. Well. I am not one to overlook a good suggestion, whatever the source. A few moments later, it occurred to Gwyneth to check behind the door, at which point naturally I jumped out and said “boo!”. I was rewarded with screams of terror from the entire girl gang. Ah, how sweet it was!

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Are you calling LeAnn a “dark force”? Sounds dangerous to me. But good luck with that.

Posted by: Scott on 18 July 2007 at 11:06

Obviously. Describing you with the term “dark” would be far too much praise.

Posted by: Dad on 19 July 2007 at 08:05
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