Thursday 12 July 2007

Life's a Beach, Day Six

A cormorant achieves take off velocity

Today was boat day. Charles, of course, was in favor of any activity that would let him expand his check list of transportation systems used, and LeAnn and Scott wanted some sort of educational experience. Therefore we took a bay tour on a pontoon boat, observing much wild life, both inside and outside the boat.

We had a nice sack lunch at some park benches. The parents spent much of their time trying to convince the kids to not fall in the harbor. Charles and I took some time to walk over to a “boat hotel” that is part of the marina at the harbor. This was a large building where boats were put in to layers of slips. Charles liked that idea, but he liked the big machinery needed to get the boats in and out of the hotel even better. One was a huge forklift and the other a motorized frame with two flexible strips in the middle to raise and lower boats from the water. Charles and I also were able to talk to a boater who was putting a catamaran in the water.

The next stop was over to a beach on the bayside for further learning. While waiting, the kids headed out in to the bay. It turns out that the bay really is very shallow — I don’t know if anyone managed to get to a spot that was over their head. There were a lot of sand bars enabling someone to be a hundred meters out yet in water that barely covered their feet. It seemed like a great place to introduce young kids to the ocean, with basically no waves, warm water, and very shallow.

Eventually one of the park people showed up for the learning experience, which was dredging parts of the bay and seeing what was captured. A wading pool was set up to keep the critters from expiring immediately. Eventually they had quite a number of crabs and jelly fish, along with some normal minnow looking fish. The kids seemed to have a good time, even Alice carried one of the jelly fish from the net to the pool and Charles helped out with the seining.

There were a couple of odd fish that the lovely park host Laura decided to take back with her in order to find out what they actually were. After that, someone located a live horseshoe crab (there were at least dead ones laying around the beach area) and everyone went out to see it. One of the kids remarked that it seemed upset, which sure as heck doesn’t surprise me.

For dinner, we went to Crabber’s Cove which was nice. Mom had whole steamed crabs. I stole one of the from her, which reminded me of why I don’t order whole crabs very often. The kids apparently ate well, as they ordered deserts but couldn’t finish them. I am not sure I have ever seen that happen before. And despite seeming to have everything go much quicker than the previous night, we were still late and exhausted getting back to the house.

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Sounds like you are having a lovely time!

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