Tuesday 10 July 2007

Life's a Beach, Day Four

Charles and Alice build castles in the sand

Another beach day. This time we tried a state park beach, which was quite a bit less crowded. The weather was a bit iffy, with a high of only 78°F and a water temperature of 73°F. Ashlyn and Gwyneth only swam a little bit before their lack of any body fat rendered them shivering masses of exhausted flesh on the beach. Their cousins left shortly afterwards to keep the girl gang together. We stayed on because all of the children seemed to be having an excellent time — Corwin out in the waves, giving the life guards ulcers, Charles and Alice creating beach hazards.

We had to leave the water twice due to harsh conditions of wind and fog. Apparently at such times the life guards can’t watch the beach, so everyone is rousted. What was amazing to me was how fast my eye glass lens would fog up with sea salt from the mist in the air. Within less than ten minutes I could no longer tell if it was foggy or it was my lenses.

Charles had a melt down at one point when he discovered the effect of a rising tide on sand castles. Mom eventually calmed him down. Alice spent a little bit of time playing in just the edge of the surf, but wasn’t willing to go out in the waves even when being held. The little ones also found lots of tiny crabs while digging in the sand. I tried doing some building myself but couldn’t bring myself to keep hitting the crabs with the shovel.

Our family didn’t get back to the house until 3 or so, and everyone was so tired that we had a quiet evening with naps. We didn’t even break out any glow stuff.

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