Wednesday 11 July 2007

Life's a Beach, Day Five

Having been burned a bit too much by the sun, we decided to do a non-beach day. Mom decided that meant tennis,so she dragooned Corwin, Scott, and Ashlyn in to going with her. I was sent off with Charles and Alie to try out the pool. That was fine. The pool was shallow enough for Charles to wander about in it (even if he had to bounce on his feet to stay up sometimes). For Alice, I found a way to wrap two water noodles around her that stayed on for extended periods, kept her floating nicely, and let her paddle around on her own. I just had to hang out near by in case the noodles came off.

After pooling around, we went back for lunch, and then out for the big expedition of the day, seeing the current Harry Potter movie. It was a 45 minute drive, the last half of which we spent telling Alice that she could hold her bladder as she mewled “I have to potty!”. As you’d expect, she held out until we were pulling in the parking lot, at which point she wet herself a litte bit. Mom decided she wasn’t too soaked to leave outside to dry. Once in the theater Mom used her girly mental communication skills to get the damp Alice to sit on Dad. I didn’t get soaked too bad until Alice indicated that her original wetting was just a prelude to the deluge. I managed to get her off my lap before I was completely soaked, and luckily we were far enough forward that the rest went on to tiles instead of carpet. I then evacuated the wounded for drying outside, with a stop at the bathroom where Alice finally got to say “there’s no more pee in me”.

Eventually, the movie was over and we were re-united with the rest of the family. We then tried to go a restaurant in the same strip mall and discovered the joys of trying to seat 14 during normal dinner hours. In the end, though, we were fed and heading home in a little less than 3 hours. This left everyone so tired that we canceled the all-night 70s revival disco / rave party and just went to bed.

While driving home, we passed a place selling illuminated palm trees which look very cool in the dark. Alice said they were “polka dot trees”. Mom still said “no, we are not getting any of those”.

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