Friday 20 July 2007

Fair season

Charles and Alice wait for a ride, tickets in hand

Today was our annual evening at the county fair. The weather, for once, was excellent. Warm but not hot, half cloudy, and low humidity.Corwin advanced his level of amusement ride tolerance, this time going on a octopus style ride(ride) solo, and later on with Mom (who took longer to recover than Corwin). Charles did the giant slide solo for the first time as well. The favorite ride was the little train, which Alice and Charles did twice.

We switched off between kiddy rides and adult rides, although everyone went on the bumper cars (multiple of which had lemon shake-ups spilled in them — why in the world would the operate let someone with a drink in?). Either we spent more time and money last year, or the prizes have been downgraded, but we ended up with only two very small and cheap prizes, a 1” diameter plush snake and a plastic dagger.

We visited the petting zoo after the rides. Corwin fed the animals the way he eats, so his cup of animal food was gone before I could blink. Charles finished his off a bit later, but Alice still had most of her cup. She very generously shared some of her reserve with Charles, so that he could do some more feeding. Alice got to pet a rabbit that was wandering about loose, which she liked.

And speaking of animals feeding, Mom held off buying cotton candy until the very end as we were walking back to the van. I thought the goats at the petting zoo were aggressive, but they had nothing on the kids attacking Mom for pieces of cotton candy.

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