Wednesday 04 July 2007

Don't rain on our parade

The magnificent trophy

Today’s big event was the Independence Day parade. This year, I finally remembered to get Corwin in with his scouting pack to be part of the parade. Mom, Charles, and Alice were content to remain spectators. Luckily, the weather wasn’t too bad so I didn’t have to deal with Corwin complaining of heat stroke part way through. He made it the whole way without any … externally provided motivation.

The basic set up was a trailer behind a van, with the older kids (including Corwin) on bikes. Several parents and I walked behind to catch any stragglers. It was very over cast, which kept the heat down but we did get a short sprinkle right as we were finishing. Not enough to get anyone wet. What got people wet were the soaker crew in the crowd.

The oddest thing is that our float won second place overall for “Best Float”. I wonder if the other floats won in other areas (“Best Equestrian”, etc.) and we were the only ones left for generic flotage. I mean, we had a trailer with some hay bails in it and bunting on the side. Not the stuff of massive visual impact. Still, we got a trophy which made the kids all very excited.

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