Sunday 29 July 2007

Cutting corners, and not

Our excitement this morning was Mom discovering that some had laid tracks across our front yard. They also ran over our lawn mower which we’d left out while cleaning the garage. They very narrowly missed Mom’s garden, our brick wall, and our two cars. Our best guess is that they came down the road too fast and didn’t make the corner. We could see radial skidding and a increasing curvature, which are more indicative of trying to turn than just doing a donut. There was also a bit of track left from their return to the street which curved out and back as one would expect after over compensating during the turn across the yard. Perhaps it’s mean of me, but I can’t help hoping that the car took a big hit from wiping out the lawn mower.

We reported it to the county sheriff, just so they’d have a record. The sheriff had a lot of problems finding the house and then he turned out to be one of my former high school class mates. He recognized me by sight, which tells you how much I’ve grown up since high school.

On the other hand, it’s interesting to see how Mom reacts in a crisis like not having a way to cut the grass. She’s already run out and purchased a new cordless electric mower and is busying reading the manual. The TV, no rush (we’re still TV-less) but a lawn mower — can’t be without that, even though we cut the grass yesterday. Mom wouldn’t want to be caught by any sudden, massive grass growth.

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so glad they didn’t do any structural damage to the house. I tend to agree…I hope they are having thier car repaired at an overpriced shop. Guess I am a bit mean too (OK, really, I am a lot mean—just ask my kids!)

So, was the new lawn mower an anniversary gift? Please say no!

Wait a minute…why aren’t you the one who is concerned about how you will mow the lawn???? Sue has to clean the garage and mow the lawn???

Posted by: Deborah on 29 July 2007 at 14:48

Why shouldn’t the lawn mower be an anniversary gift? Mom was the one who got excited about it and picked it out. Remember, she’s the one who made us buy the turbo-charged road rally ready car.

As for the last, do you really think that the person who has to go out and cut the grass would be eager to replace the lawn mower ASAP?

Posted by: Dad on 29 July 2007 at 20:04

Alan, you make men stand a little taller every day! What is the secret of getting the women to clean out the garage and mow the lawn??

Posted by: ken on 29 July 2007 at 20:07

Severe personality defects, decades in the making.

But you know what’s even better? We ended up getting the 40” LCD to replace the dead TV with Mom thinking it was her idea.

Posted by: Dad on 29 July 2007 at 20:09

The new mower finished charging this morning. I’m sure Alan and Corwin will like it a lot! I took it out and turned it on. While it is much quieter than the old gas mower, there still is a certain amount of noise associated with fast spinning blades. Kind of like a loud hair dryer. Probably still not advised to mow at 7am.

Posted by: Mom on 30 July 2007 at 08:22

Sue- I am so glad to hear that you will not be mowing. We moms do enough already!

Posted by: Deborah on 30 July 2007 at 08:36
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