Thursday 14 June 2007

Sudden visitation

Mom’s friend Sara dropped by earlier this week as a surprise visit for her dad. The whole crew (Sara, Ella, and Sara’s parents) all came over for lunch and an afternoon visit. I had to go to a business luncheon so I missed the initial adventure. They all went to the park at first and then walked home. Mom let Charles walk Poly. When they arrived home, Poly spotted the neighbor dog Arnold. She took off to say hi, yanking Charles so hard he landed on his face, getting a bloody mouth. I managed to call to inquire about plans right at this moment.

Other than that, it was a nice visit. We tried to get Alice and Grace to cruise in the Barbi car but neither of them was much for steering, which put a damper on the experience. We tried to convince Sara’s dad to build a tree house for Charles, but he cleverly claimed that he hadn’t brought construction equipment with him (as if!). By that time, both girls were suffering from nap deprivation, signalling the end of the visitation window. Still, Alice got some good pretend kitchen and dollhouse play in so we can rate it as a success.

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