Friday 22 June 2007

Season wrap-up

Corwin takes out a runner stealing home

Corwin’s baseball season finished up last Monday. The last regular season game was a week ago Thursday, with the post-season tournament starting Monday. It wasn’t an overly lopsided game (12-16), but Corwin’s team went down to defeat and was eliminated from further play. Overall the fielding wasn’t very good, but they did get a double play. The third baseman caught a drive, tossed it to first for the out. The runner on first rounded second and decided that, based on the preceding fielding quality, he was free and clear for third. But the first baseman threw it back well enough that the third baseman tagged out the runner.

Corwin’s team finished just under the middle of the league rankings. I think Corwin was probably in the upper half of the players, but he doesn’t have the level of focus and hustle to be one of the top players. He does seem to enjoy it (overall — there are moments when it’s not so much fun). He’s starting to get to an age where he’ll probably have to chose between baseball and soccer in order to focus enough on one to remain competitive. It’s too bad that the two sports he likes have such a schedule conflict.

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I know what you mean about choosing one sport or another. I just am not sure what my boys will choose. I had hoped that soccer would be it, but since both boys’ teams won their division in baseball, I am sure that they will want to play one more year of baseball.

Posted by: Deborah on 22 June 2007 at 23:01
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