Wednesday 27 June 2007


The infrastructure related trip event we daren’t speak of to Charles

We, the parental units, have finally returned. Despite the fact that our wildest dreams of boundless riches were not fufilled we rate the trip as a success. We spent the morning in the hotel room, prepping for our presentation but afterwards, when all propriety concerns were obviated, Mom decided to do a mini-walking tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Lugging, of course, all of our luggage (since we had long since checked out of the hotel). I once again was the stoic, adapatable, and agreeable husband, even as we walked all the way down to and across the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, and the former World Trade Center site in 97° sun1.

We made it back to the airport with an hour or two to spare, despite spending 90 minutes on NYC public transportation (note to future self — if you’re going to do that, avoid scheduling the adventure during rush hour). The flight was delayed another hour (half before boarding, half after) but otherwise it was uneventful. We arrived back very late and took the guest room in the basement rather than finding out what kind of personality Erica has when woken from a deep sleep in the wee hours of the morning in someone else’s house by a pair of sweaty, travel stressed zombies, especially since she’d managed to put Alice in Alice’s bed. It was worth it for those few, precious hours of childless sleep.

1 [in a peppy voice] “Hey, that thermometer over there says it’s 97°!”.

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Getting Alice in bed went like this:

At 8:30 — “Hey Alice, we’re going to go upstairs, read a book in your parent’s room…and then you and Charles will go to your own beds. Cool, huh! ”

Alice: “I not like my bed.” Me: “But your bed is cool, and I need a place to sleep.” Alice: “Oh, awight.”

Then, at the witching hour, Alice begins to whine again about sleeping in her own bed. I made a deal that I would stay in there for a few minutes, with a “no-talking” rule. She hopped up at 8:41, I layed on the floor, and by 8:48 Alice was snoring louder than Charles.

I think it’s partly due to the fact that she has no previous outcomes, it didn’t violate her bedtime schema enough to cause a conflict, and I made it clear beforehand so there were no surprises.

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Welcome home!!

Posted by: Deborah on 27 June 2007 at 19:57
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