Tuesday 05 June 2007

People skills

Charles is still struggling with his people skills.

A week or two ago, Charles and Alice were out playing. Charles decided that they were under attack and wanted Alice to face the enemy. He told her “point that way!”. Alice didn’t understand his urgency but eventually she put out her finger and pointed it in the direction Charles indicated. This wasn’t want Charles meant, which was face that direction, but he melted down rather than correct his phrasing. He became very upset as Alice was overrun by the imaginary attackers and ended up fleeing in to the house in tears.

A few days later we went out to play a pick up soccer game organized by Mara. During a break Mara’s mom brought out popsicles for the players. Charles said he wanted one, so I told him to go ask Mara’s mom for one. Instead, he just whined at me over and over how much he wanted a popsicle. It was better to suffer without than speak to another adult. Finally, after about 20 minutes of agony, Mara’s mom took pity on Charles and offered him a popsicle. I still think that Charles should give in and talk to people when he wants stuff, rather than just me or making incoherent grunts of frustration.

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