Tuesday 19 June 2007

Non-grill cookout

Last Saturday evening we had a cookout for some neighbors and soccer families. The turnout was low, but that might have been for the best, as things were somewhat crowded anyway.

Naturally, our outdoor grill had failed the previous Saturday, shooting so much flame out the bottom that the control dials melted. Given the amount of rust and other issues, I decided that we’d do better to get a new one. Now, a week and a half later we’re still working on getting the grill operational, but that’s a story for another post. Mom certainly missed the ability to grill 28 hamburgers simultaneously, but as the ultimate gracious hostess she managed to provide a suitable spread.

Despite the lack of grillosity, the party went on. The adults talked, played 80s Trivial Pursuit, which was dominated by Maggie’s parents, and watched the kids misbehave outside. We had hoped for a bit more independent play, but it was not to be. We had three families over that hadn’t visited before, a fact that provides for a triumph of hope over experience in expanding our set of adult friends.

Rose, Josh, Jake, cruising

We managed to have two big thrills for the kids, a fire bowl that Corwin got for his birthday, and the Barbi car. There was much fighting over the car, even by the older (10-11 year old) kids. Everyone wanted a turn, and as you can see sometimes waiting was too much. At least I have some excellent blackmail pictures for later use.

Corwin and Charles, in contrast, had no interest in playing with the Barbi car at all. One of the neighbor girls came out her in motorized Hummer to cruise with the rest of the crew. She tried to loan it to the gang but their ardor for cruising was fading by that time.

There was a little bit of sword play, but the kid mix wasn’t right or there was too much other fun stuff to do for any real battles to get going.

The evening ended with glow stick tag, which was a bit on the thin side for players but the kids seemed to enjoy it anyway. Even Alice played, tagging along with Jake for most of the time.

Unlike last time, there were no near death experiences. The closest thing was Jacob engaging in some head trauma by giving himsef a good size lump on his forehead. His mom tried to pry his secret out of him, but he refused to divulge any details, treating it all as a trade secret.

In the end, all the parents seemed satisfied with the set of children they had when they left, which is my mark of success for a family style gathering.

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