Thursday 28 June 2007

Little bits of Charles

Alice and Charles have swim lessons this week. For some reason, they are in the same class (and we’re taking bets on whether Alice or Charles learns how to swim first). Today, Charles managed to cut his little toe while in the pool. Neither the instructors, Erica (who took them to lessons), nor Charles had any idea how he did it.

While Corwin is playing HomeWorld, Charles has been watching him and building models of the space ships again. This time he’s built a carrier, destroyer, and heavy cruiser. These are quite a bit more elaborate than his previous efforts. He carries them around all over the house, although we forbid taking them along to swim lessons.

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Alice was moved down a level today, based upon her reluctance to glide across the pool in previous lessons, and her flat out refusal to do bobs at all (or any approximation therof) today. Her and Charles’ instructor informed me of the move, but really emphasized that she’s not being punished, is still very cute, and not any less of a person because of it. phew

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