Monday 25 June 2007

His mother's son

We made it to New York City. The drive to the airport and the plane trip were uneventful. After arrival, we had various choices of transportation to get to the hotel. Mom decided that we should explore the public transportation system1 so we took a city bus over to the elevated train, which turned in to a subway. I, of course, nobly endured silently, as a good, supportive husband should. However, when Mom suggested additional exploration. I countered with the threat to write down all of explorations and repeat it to Charles when we returned. This settled Mom down to a more business like attitude. However, I think she’s decided to come back with Charles so that she has a more cooperative travel partner.

In the evening we went out to dinner in Little Italy at Pelligrino’s with Bob, a graduate school friend of Mom’s. He’s a guy who’s seen the Wagnerian Ring Cycle at least thrice and is planning on doing it again late this summer. Personally, I just read the comic book version — art is not in my soul. Bob, however, is one of those rare people who live in New York who actually take in the artistic scene, instead of just talking about all the wonderful stuff in the city that they’ve never seen themselves.

After that, it was late so we went back to the hotel room together, just the two of us, no kids … leaving me the perfect opportunity to write this post! Yowza!

1 And she wonders where Charles gets his infrastructural obsession from!

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