Tuesday 01 May 2007

Weekly Soccer Report

I only watched the last third of Corwin’s game because it was the same time as Charles’. I went with Charles because, due to bad weather and time of day issues, I had a total of two pictures from all of Charles’ games. Mom was there as well and told me that game was shaping up as another crushing victory for Corwin and crew (both Josh and Jake scored goals within the first five minutes). I think the final score was 7-2 (Corwin couldn’t remember).

While I wasn’t watching Corwin managed to injure himself three times, once in a rather spectacular pileup that ended with Corwin bouncing his head off the ground. That shook him up enough that he pulled himself out of the game for a quarter or so. As you can see from the picture, it clearly wasn’t bothering him later in the game.

Even though the team had more than one extra player for once, there were some very tired faces out on the field. This enabled the other team to come back and score two goals late in the fourth quarter after being scoreless the rest of the game. Still, it wasn’t that close and I think it was nice that the other team didn’t end up scoreless.

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