Wednesday 30 May 2007

Transports of passion

Charles still likes his vehicles. Somehow he has found out about ocean cruises and has been insisting that we take a vacation on a cruise liner — “but we never go on a cruise!”. We told Charles that neither of his parents had ever been on a cruise, but rather than giving him some perspective it just made him sad.

Mom brought up going skiing instead. We went a couple of years ago, leaving Charles and Alice at Grandma’s. Charles said he wanted to go this time so he could ride on the ski lift. For Charles, skiing is having to get down the mountain on a pair of wooden planks in order to be able to ride the ski lift back up.

Still, the luster may be wearing off. This afternoon, after graduation, Charles decided to ride home with us instead of taking the bus. I suspect it was because he wanted snack sooner.

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It was a Boy’s Life article about cool vacations that got both boys talking about a cruise. That and the advertisements on Nickelodeon. Corwin was interested in the cool activities, but Charles was mainly interested in the really big boats.

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