Saturday 19 May 2007

There was a game too?

Corwin had a baseball game Thursday, but the rush of getting ready for the totally massive Corwin 10th birthday party has made it challenging to find the time to write. We chose to go with the “way over-committed” style of party again, because we apparently lack the ability to learn from experience.

I didn’t have Charles with me at the game, because Mom was off with him at a introduction for new kindergarten students at Charles’ school. They like to have families who are currently in kindergarten there. The two of them showed up later, near the end of the game.

I did have Alice with me, so I saw little of Corwin’s game. Maggie was there at the start of the game, but she left early on. Alice sat on the chair and cried because Maggie had left. But, fortunately, Maggie came back about the same time as Mom and Alice was happy again.

While I was supposed to be watching Alice, I worked on some padded swords for Corwin’s party. I had done all the initial assembly and just needed to put the end caps on and tape them up. A couple of younger siblings watching the game noticed this so I let them try out the results. I made them fight me instead of each other, because one of the kids was really swinging hard. Their grandmother who was there watching them also thought that decision was for the best.

As for baseball, I did see Corwin get a great line drive right up the middle. It went by the pitcher and second baseman but the outfielder got it, stopping Corwin from a double (Corwin was at first before the outfielder stopped it). Jack came in on the play so it was a good hit. Sadly, Corwin struck out the next time I was watching him, although it was very close. He hit a pop up which the pitcher tried to catch. I think he touched it, but he denied it and so it was ruled a foul ball. Otherwise, Corwin would have had another hit.

Defensively, Corwin played right field. I didn’t see anything hit to him but large chunks of the game were spent over at the playground. The game ended up a tie and there were good snacks afterwards, so it was a positive experience for everyone (except for the Maggie hiatus).

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