Wednesday 23 May 2007

Sports mania

Corwin had a baseball game last Monday. Charles also had first T-ball practice, so Mom and I had to split up to cover both.

Charles enjoyed his practice. Mom said he got two home runs, but wisely didn’t report on how many were achieved by other children. He had practice again tonight and Mom said that he ended up chasing down another child in to the outfield to tag him out. With some luck, we could end up having baseball events every night except Friday.

Corwin had a good game. He was at bat three times for a walk, base for being hit, and a single. He also tagged out someone trying to steal home. The game was a good one, tied until the bottom of the last inning when Corwin’s team scored the winning run. I was able to watch much of it, as Mom didn’t show up with Alice and Charles until the fourth or fifth inning.

Maggie was there. Alice wanted to know if Maggie could come over for a visit. When I asked Maggie’s mom about it, she said “you can have as much Maggie as you want”. Gosh, that sounded familiar.

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