Wednesday 16 May 2007

Rough and tumble

Since the weather warmed up and Alice is sporting bare legs, she’s been gettnig a lot more scratches on them (although she also managed to get a big scratch on the front of her nose). Yesterday she became concerned about this and turned to the one thing any wounded person needs — Dora Band-Aids™. She ended up with four of them on one leg before I put a stop to it, although I think at least three of them cover actual injuries. She tried to explain to me the taxonomy of “boo-boo”, “scratch”, and “hurt” along with healing information, but it was too subtle for me to grasp.

On another front, I have been making the padded swords for Corwin’s upcoming birthday party so the kids can exhaust themselves in the giving and receiving of bruises, and the healing thereof. Alice of course likes them as well, but she’s a frightening sight when trying to swing one that’s 40 inches long in a room containing breakable objects perched on tables and shelves. To avoid this, I made one just for Alice, about 18 inches long, in blue and white (to match her Dora outfit). Alice likes it a lot. She cuddled with it on the couch last night after I finished it, then tried it out for a while on Corwin. She asked for it again this morning and tried it out on the couch and Daddy for a bit.

Dad: She’s going to be the queen bee of a gang of 5th grade girls who go around and beat up the boys, isn’t she?

Mom: [with a touch of pride] Yes.

Video of Alice trying out the sword on Dad

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When Alice got home this afternoon, she took Dad out for some beatin’.

Dad: Ow!

Alice: I did it!

Dad: Gosh, you’re ferocious. You’re Alice the Ferocious Girl!

Alice: Yes.

Dad: How did you get to be so ferocious?

Alice: Uhhh…

Dad: Lots of practice?

Alice: Yes. I practiced a long time. … I going to go to swimming lessons.

Dad: Swimming lessons will make you more ferocious?

Alice: Yes.

Posted by: Dad on 16 May 2007 at 18:09

As for the bandages…what is it with the frivolous use of them? There are three TMNT bandages on the wall at the top of my stairs from Bix. Three! It’s like some sort of modern art project on the sad state of the house we live in.

Posted by: Karyla on 17 May 2007 at 22:28

Bandages are just a special form of sticker. But, how can you call an art project like that “frivilous”?

Posted by: Dad on 18 May 2007 at 07:50
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