Thursday 17 May 2007


Charles is on a social whirl. He had another play date this week with CJ, who is a girl in his class. CJ was one of the few kids who showed for Charles’ last birthday party so at least it wasn’t such a traumatic experience that no recovery or forgiveness was possible. We have no idea what Charles did on his visit, he refused to talk about it at all. Mom, though, based on how he was acting when she picked him up, thinks he had a good time.

Charles did mention to me the same week how he was sad because he only had two friends (Jeremiah and CJ) but Corwin had a lot of friends. I pointed out that Corwin had spent more years accumulating them and that he should give it a few more years before becoming a hermit.

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Jake has had similar concerns, as Josh has more friends than he does. I think, however, some of the “problem” is that Josh and Corwin have a unique group of incredible kids at their grade level, increasing the field of potential friends exponentially. Jake’s class has 13 girls and 4 boys, if I remember it correctly. Thus, the field is much smaller.

Yeah for Charles!

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