Thursday 31 May 2007

Box scores

Another baseball game today. I was the only father on our team who showed up that wasn’t a coach, which meant that I was coerced in to being first & second base umpire. I did get one of those cool clickers to keep track of balls, strikes, and outs. Once I was even asked “how many strikes?”. I did have to call Corwin out once, though.

Speaking of Corwin, he had a not so good batting day. He was 0 for 3, which is not good. On the other hand, he was out on a hit ball each time, so at least he’s got a good chance. The other team seemed to be concentrating all of its good fielding on Corwin, just to be mean.

Corwin’s first at bat was a good hit, but unexpectedly it was fielded and thrown to first in time (the next time there was a play at first, the throw was in time but the first baseman dropped the ball). I think Corwin could have made it safely, though, if he hadn’t been so impressed with his hit that he paused to watch it before running.

Corwin’s second at bat was an infield fly. Despite the fact that the pitcher and the catcher collided hard enough to knock them both on the ground, one of them caught it successfully. Corwin’s third try was a big hit out to center field which I believe was the only one the other team caught the entire game. Corwin was a bit bummed.

Fielding was a brighter spot. Corwin made a good stop after the second baseman (cough Jack cough) missed it, holding the runner to a single despite the error. Shortly afterwards, when the other team was having a great inning, Corwin caught a big fly in center. The next batter dropped on in to right field which was also caught and the inning ended soon after. The only down side was the Corwin was so happy / impressed with his catch that he didn’t notice that the first base runner was almost to second, meaning a quick toss to first would have been another out. The right fielder did the same thing, so at least I wasn’t alone with my mixed feelings.

That wasn’t the worst fielding of the day, though. The best had to be the other team, when we had a runner on second. He lead off for some reason while the ball was still in play. The alert outfielder noticed that their second baseman was noticeably closer to second than the runner, but still in reach of him. Naturally the outfielder made a quick throw to second. The second baseman, however, was watching something else (presumably whatever was interesting enough to draw the runner off base) and took a hard throw in the shoulder instead of getting an easy out. That’s gotta hurt and be embarassing.

No pictures because I was an umpire! Clear discrimination, there were plenty of moms about, most of whom are likely to know more about baseball than I do. They didn’t see it that way, however.

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Ha! I have to laugh because you got “volunteered” to umpire before me. Although I have the feeling that my luck may be running out soon.

I found some possible inspiration for your photography endeavors. Dreams of Flying. I thought these were pretty cool.

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