Saturday 12 May 2007

Boring slice of life

We’re still in the end of school year rush season.

Charles went to a class mate’s birthday party at a local pool. I dropped him off and picked him up a couple of hours later and he was in good spirits and claimed he had a good time. He said he even played with some of the other chidren.

Corwin went to visit a friend while Charles was partying, after Mom made him help cut the grass. In the evening we went to the end of season pack cookout. Chloe took charge of Alice and did a good job, even to feeding her dinner. Charles played a bit too and even Corwin had fun. There was a piñata which the kids whacked at with the padded swords. I had taken them along to convince the den to try building some as a project for next season. There was so much candy in the piñata that the kids wandered off before all of the candy was grabbed. I had to send Corwin back to help clean up and he ended up with a huge mass of candy.

The major fun was a bubble machine, which the adults would hang up on a high tree branch so no child could stand in front of it and pop all of the bubbles. Much fun was had until I announced “anyone who gets touched by a bubble turns in to a princess!”. The girls immediatey swarmed all the bubbles they could while the boys fled to bubble-less regions. Eventually, though, they decided that the bubbles were really acid filled and would burn them to a crisp, which was much safer than princess conversions.

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