Saturday 28 April 2007

Weekly Soccer Report

Ouch! Not a good game today — 0-6 defeat. The opponents were the one other good team in the league, but this season Corwin’s team is missing a couple of its older and better players (Keith and Colin) so it wasn’t nearly as close as usual. The scoring was fairly even through out the game, 3 in the first half and 3 in the second and at least one every quarter.

I would say that the primary problem was a lack of depth on plays. One thing the other team did well was to have players in the box when someone took a shot at the goal. At least 3 of the scores were from initially failed outside shots that were then tapped in by a player hanging out in the box. They had one good long range score. The other two were Jack and Corwin being too eager about stopping an attack as goalies. They tried to grab / jump on the ball but missed, leaving the opponent with a clear unopposed shot at the goal. This team was good enough that such opportunities weren’t missed.

The forward goalie was related to the first issue, though, because I think part of the reason the goalies were so aggressive is that they were facing multiple attackers without any supporting defense. This may be the first time this season they’ve faced a team that was overall faster and they didn’t anticipate breaks quite enough, leaving them out of position and unable to catch up.

To top that all off, only 9 players were there so no substitutions were available. At one point Jack injured himself on a drive at the opponents goal (so agonizingly close but no score) and he had to sit out for a bit. The other coach was nice enough to bench one of his players as well to keep the teams even. Later on, Cora took a nasty hit and almost had to sit out. She tried to knock back a kick with her chest but misjudged the height and took it right in the face. Cora toughed it out, though, and the game resumed with her in action.

Still, the team wasn’t completely out of it. They kept the ball on the other side a decent amount of time and took a number of good shots at the goal that were just barely stopped (this is where the lack of follow through really hurt). All of the goalies but especially Jake had some excellent saves. The defense came up with some excellent clearing. The team played hard right up to the final whistle, which is the important thing.

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That was sweet of you to mention Jake like that. I was so pleased with how well he did in goal. I had my doubts, even threatening Pez for putting me through such stress, but Jake did well.

Now they are off to grandma’s for the weekend. So, they can drown their defeat in grandma’s cookies and hugs and kisses from the aunts.

As for me…I am home typing up homework projects.

Posted by: Deborah on 28 April 2007 at 13:54

Poor Cora! She’s one tough cookie! I was so glad that she was ok!

Posted by: Deborah on 28 April 2007 at 19:34

I thought he did well, and it would have been too mean to post something like this —

Not quite fast enough

Posted by: Dad on 28 April 2007 at 20:51
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