Wednesday 25 April 2007

Talk moments

Mom: We only have one child activity tomorrow!


Dad: Do you want me to pick you up hold you upside down and poke you, or tell me about your day?

Charles: Poke me.


Dad: There you go, girly-girl.

Alice: Don’t call me “girly-girl”.

Dad: What about “girly-girly-girl”?

Alice: No, not “girly-girly-girl”.

Dad: What about “girly-girly-girly-girl”?

Alice: OK.


Dad: Charles’ soccer game was cancelled because it is raining. Do you want to stay here and have your practice anyway?

Corwin: Yes.


Alice: Here is a picture for you Daddy.

Dad: Thanks.

Alice: It’s music.

Dad: Oh

Alice: It’s a trumpet. See? It’s a monster eating a trumpet.

Dad: Oh.

Alice: [looking concerned] It’s just a picture.

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I heard that Corwin was the only kid at soccer who wanted to end practice early.

Posted by: Deborah on 25 April 2007 at 22:17
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